Winter 2008
The University’s Horticultural Gardens

I’m not a big fan of winter. The cold, wet, mud and cloudy weather. In fact the first draft of my winter post was as gloomy as a typical winter day.  This year, however, I scraped that post as my winter mood has changed.

It seems there are a few weeks between fall and winter that is a black hole that sucks all the photo creativity out of me. I think it should be a season of its own call “Blah”. The Blah season has made me excited for the snow.

Well today was the first real snow fall and I was so excited that during my lunch I went on a photo hunt around the university campus. The best part of working at the university is all the nice park like areas for walking and photo shoots. Some of our wedding photos were taken here.

So my usual winter gloom has vanished and to top it all off it will be my daughters first winter. Although there is not much for her to do outside, I am excited to spend the winter with her and my wife.

Good bye to Blah and hello Winter, snow and all.