NorstromCast: Software

Adafruit Speaker Bonnet

Adafruit provides a script for their speaker bonnet, super easy to install.


Murmur is the mumble server, this was to run on the main NorstromCast. This device would which would always be left on so the “Intercom” would always be available.


TalkiePi is a modification of Gumble. Gumble is Mumble client written in Go. This is setup to start on boot up and to connect to the Murmur server. This is also easy to setup and connect.

Learning Lesson:

  • One of the pins that the speaker bonnet uses overlaps with TalkiPi, you will need to modify the TalkiePi code before building it.
  • Make sure you update the settings to connect to your Murmur server and not the default.